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Experience the Power of Solar Energy for Your Business

Say goodbye to High Electricity Costs!

Experience reduced operating costs with solar solutions from Yuxta Energy, allowing you freedom from the worries of system operation and maintenance.



Solar panels are covered:

  • 25-year power generation guarantee.
  • More than 40 years of useful life.
  • Bloomberg Tier 1 Solar Modules.


Solar Energy Benefits for Your Business:

Economic Savings:

Reduce operating costs and enjoy long-term financial benefits.

Energy Independence:

Gain freedom from traditional energy sources and their fluctuating costs.


Positive Contribution to the Environment:

Use clean, renewable energy and reduce your company's carbon footprint.



Support in Generating Certificates:

Use certifications related to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.




Smart Investment:

Invest in solar energy for a sustainable future and return on investment.





Positive Contribution to the Environment:
  • Solar energy is inexhaustible and abundant.
  • Solar panels do not emit greenhouse gases.
  • Photovoltaic systems bring long-term improvements in quality of life for future generations.
  • The technology ensures proper management when the solar panels reach the end of their useful life.







Marketing Tenders:

  • Work with us for your procurement needs.
  • We help with transportation, telecommunications and general equipment requirements.
  • Strengthen client relationships by offering opportunities for major projects, charging between 0.003% and 1%.

Reprisal Offices

  • Offer representation offices for potential clients and executives.
  • Enable face-to-face meetings or set up a point of contact in Europe.

Additional Services:

  • Translation and engineering services for your projects.
  • Discover the potential of these additional services, contact us. We strive to understand your needs and provide valuable solutions.


The IT industry is evolving, requiring an efficient and cost-effective source of electrical power. Yuxta, with its extensive experience in Industrial Operations and Renewable Energy, offers tailored solutions.


  • Leverage our extensive network for high-performance cloud infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning.
  • Meet the standards of even the most demanding blockchain applications.
  • Enjoy secure, reliable, efficient and cost-effective virtual machines and cloud services with no solution fees and flexible "pay as you use" payment schemes.

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