Inverter application - our friend: stay on top of production

Aplikacja inwertera

Installing solar panels is a great way to lower electricity bills and become a more conscious consumer. But how do we know if the system on our roof is working best? This is where an inverter app comes to the rescue. Solar system inverter apps help us monitor the performance of our solar panels, which gives us more than just the satisfaction of looking at our own little power plant.

The app is an essential tool for anyone who has installed a solar system - and is automatically provided to all installers. It provides invaluable production information, real-time monitoring and historical data to facilitate troubleshooting and optimization.

See how the inverter works

With detailed reports on your cell phone, you can see how your system is performing and assess how it is affected by changes in weather or other factors. This makes it easier to maintain optimal performance by monitoring the amount of energy generated and the performance of all system components.

In the inverter application, it is possible to check various performance indicators, such as instantaneous production power, daily peak power, and even daily, monthly, yearly, or energy produced since system startup. This information can be used to identify potential areas for improvement and take the necessary steps to optimize energy production.

Does the system produce as much as it needs?

When we prepare a quote, we always provide an estimate of production so that the customer knows what to expect. Of course, the size of the solar system determines how much it can produce, for small systems the peak value is lower, but with the application this becomes a reality. When the system is running and the inverter application is active, the measured values can be compared with the initial estimates.

In addition to current data, the app also provides historical data so users can track energy production over time. Daily curves can show various performance indicators, such as production peaks and total energy produced. This data can be used to generate detailed reports that provide insight into the overall performance of the photovoltaic system. Moreover, our energy production can be compared with regional averages.

If a smart meter is included, its measurements are displayed on an additional curve in the inverter application. This gives even more information, as the device can be used to monitor the property's current energy consumption, the amount of energy supplied by the solar panel and the amount of electricity to be purchased from the grid at any given time.

Conscious routine adapted to the system

With the information provided by the app, we can easily adjust our daily energy consumption, so that if we have the ability, we can adjust the operation of our household appliances and the charging of our e-car to match the output of their solar system.

Using the app's ability to track real-time data, we can take proactive steps to get the most out of our solar system and become an informed energy consumer.