Cheetah PERC Full Cell 72M

A 72-cell version of the Cheetah Full Cell. An ideal choice for industrial applications and smaller park installations.


Solar cell 5 busbar adopts new technology to improve the performance of modules, offers better aesthetic appearance, making it ideal for roof Installation.

Higher module conversion efficiency (up to 20.08%) benefits from passive contact rear emitter (PERC) technology

Superior Anti-PID performance ensures limited power degradation for mass production

Advanced design with glass and cell surface provides excellent performance in low-light conditions

Certified for durability: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)

Durability in extreme environmental conditions

Less space required, higher power output

Reduce additional construction costs!
Save space!

With Cheetah's powerful and efficient full-cell panels, you can meet these two conditions at the same time!

Download the data sheet:

JinKO Solar Cheetah 72 Mono Full Cell 380-400 Wp datasheet

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