Cheetah PERC Half Cut Cell 60M

The usual JinKO Solar quality in Half Cut Cell version: lower operating temperature, better shade tolerance and performance, even longer life. 

Available in July with 330 Wp of power.


Solar cell 5 busbar adopts new technology to improve the performance of modules, offers better aesthetic appearance, making it ideal for roof Installation.

Wyższa efektywność konwersji modułu korzysta z technologii pasywnego kontaktowego emitera tylnego (PERC)

Superior Anti-PID performance ensures limited power degradation for mass production

Advanced design with glass and cell surface provides excellent performance in low-light conditions

Certified for durability: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)

Durability in extreme environmental conditions

A partially shielded module? No worries!

Our panels made with half-cell technology produce even if they are partially shaded.

Always better!

The cell design halves power conversion losses, resulting in a lower temperature coefficient of the panel, which results in even higher efficiency and module life!

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JinKO Solar Cheetah 60 Mono Half Cell 325-345 Wp datasheet

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