Is it worth installing a solar system for your electric car? Yes!

system solarny dla samochodu elektrycznego

More and more public charging stations for electric cars have been built in recent years, as they are becoming more popular every year. Their popularity is also due to the fact that they are very cheap to maintain, and in many places they can be charged for free. However, charging electric cars is becoming more expensive, and free charging has been phased out in most places. But what does this have to do with solar panels?

Panele słoneczne mogą wytwarzać tanią energię elektryczną, którą można wykorzystać do “tankowania” naszych domów, a domowe ładowanie samochodów elektrycznych jest idealnym rozwiązaniem.

Charging in public places has become more expensive

Popular electric car charging networks are raising prices, and free charging is being phased out. But if you charge at home, you don't have to face cost increases, and with a solar charging system you can completely offset the cost of charging your car.

Charging at home is currently the cheapest way to operate an electric car

To charge your electric car with your own solar energy, you need a solar panel system and a home charger if you want fast charging. Remember, only your own solar system can guarantee that almost free energy will flow to your car's battery. Importantly, the solar system must be large enough to provide enough power for both your home and your car.

How much power is enough?

We will use an example to show how we can calculate the efficiency of a solar system to power a household and an electric car.

If we drive 15,000 kilometers per year, during which our electric car consumes 3,000 kWh, and our electricity bill from last year, which did not include charging the electric car, shows 4,000 kWh, our expected annual energy consumption with the car would total 7,000 kWh. A solar panel system of about 6.5 kWp can produce about 7,000 kWh of energy per year, which, for example, with 16 solar panels of 410 Wp, would require a roof area of 35 m2.

Why should we charge our electric car with solar panels?

Because the combination of an electric car and an in-house solar system is both economical and ecological. Moreover, in the long run, it is increasingly certain that with the phasing out of internal combustion engines, electric cars will appear in every household. This will make the issue almost inevitable for almost everyone. Taking into account the saved cost of charging an electric car, the payback on a photovoltaic installation is greatly improved and can be shortened to as much as 5-6 years.

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